We combine modern and fresh cutting-edge design with premium craftsmanship using innovative technological solutions for the creation of extraordinary, unique and stylish pieces. We strive to meet the expectations of today's modern women and men who appreciates exclusive and well-made jewellery with long-lasting value.

Swedish brand Manufactured in Italy

Each Armas piece made is a declaration of our passion and values of excellence which guides the creation process from start to finish. The jewels gets crafted in our workshops and the gems are set by pure hand-setting in the city of Valenza, Italy where goldsmiths with generations of experience takes pride in their craftsmanship skills and ensures each piece made a work of art. We use innovative technical solutions to constantly perfection the production quality and the items functionality.

We pay scrupulous attention to the ethical origins of the gold, diamonds and precious stones that we use and that all diamonds are conflict free complying with the Kimberely process.

Founder team
Founder team


The source of inspiration to our jewels can come from all sorts of things, places, emotions and feelings that means something to us, that we cherich and love.


Global Inspiration


The challenge is renewal, to figure out how things can be improved and to bring new and exciting ideas. The need of perfection and to constantly make jewels that feels right today and at the same time preserves value and desirability for future generations has been driving our tireless efforts in the design process since the very beginning.

Scandinavian history and heritage


The name Armas means truelove and it is a family name and part of founding family’s Scandinavian history and heritage that for generations have designed and produced finest footwear and leather goods. The jewels division for Armas began in the late 90's by Sirpa Hillevi and her her husband Ofer. His passion and trade of diamonds and her creative and artistic skills and their vision of constantly evolve and make things no one else can make paved the way for the making of the first Armas pieces in Italy to today’s exquisite jewels created and reflected by timeless values. 


Founder team


          Armas' workshop, year 1945. 





We are recognized as a visionary brand that values ‚Äč‚Äčinnovation at all levels. We are striving to “do the right thing” to walk that extra mile in order to reduce negative impact on society and environment. We reuse and recycle materials wherever and whenever possible and we design and make products that are made to last. We ensure a positive impact for the people we work with treating everyone with respect and dignity. 

We promote health and wellness and we respect human rights.