ARMAS – Terms of Sales

It is advisable for you to read the following section regarding ARMAS’ Terms of Sales before ordering any of our items. The conditions are applicable to the orders of the, and also consider the orders made through telephone or email communication with our Consumer Service Department.

You unconditionally agree to abide by ARMAS’ Terms of Sales and Privacy Policy when placing an order either on the ARMAS platforms or through our Consumer Service Department. If you were to disagree, then you cannot place an order using our platforms and additional order methods. You also agree to not have the purpose of any commercial intended use of our products. This also includes re-sale purposes. The items should only have the purpose of personal use. The company has the right to sell its products with its current valid dealerships. The sales that are made through ARMAS’ dealerships do not conform to these Terms of Sales and ARMAS will under no circumstances be accountable for the dealer’s supply of products/services. Accessing third part websites, not officially operating under ARMAS, should be at your own risk and ARMAS has no liability from your use and access of third parties.

The company does not sell products to individuals below the legal maturity age, 18 years of age. The creation of an ARMAS account has to provide accurate and complete information.  Illegitimate orders or those that seem as such will be turned down.

What We Offer

The jewellery products and its descriptions on our site is approximate only and the images should be merely seen as helpful visualization that may not be completely representable compared to real life viewing. ARMAS aims to create as precise content to the maximum extent possible so that you are to be satisfied when proceeding with your online purchasing.  The product descriptions of the items, which are displayed on the ARMAS website, display the weight, colors of the stones, type of materials used and etc. However, this still does not imply that the item is fully accurate nor complete and thus the company does not guarantee an exact duplicate. ARMAS shall therefore not be liable for any inaccuracies in its published content. For more information regarding our products, contact the Consumer Service Department: [email protected], or through our Contact Sheet on our website:

The manufacturing department ensures that the quality of all ARMAS’ products conform to the necessary level of quality, implying that these products are approved by the mandatory quality controls. These quality controls refer to the precious metals, diamonds, precious stones, mechanical as well as the aesthetic aspects being respected of the product. Consumers can ask to repair their product. It is crucial that the product still remains under the warranty period. This period covers 2 years. It is of importance that you notify ARMAS on any dysfunctional aspects of the product from the day you notice the issue. This should preferably be within 30 days of the observation date and before the warranty period ends.

Products that are eligible for shipping will display the estimated order time. An email will be sent to you showing a summary of your purchase, but this does not imply that the order has been confirmed by ARMAS. In case of either production or outside disruptions, the company will not accept the order. There are also certain quantity limits put into place. A threshold is established for each product, as production capacity is finite. Products which cannot be added to the online shopping bag are not available for sale. You should contact our consumer service department for more information for obtaining these products.

Specialized items products can be ordered. This requires contacting the Consumer Service Department for obtaining more information. These products cannot be cancelled nor returned. ARMAS does not trade in second-hand products nor products that are below a certain quality standard. These products come with the proposed exclusive ARMAS box and warranty card.

Ordering the Products

When placing an order, it is important for you to read all the necessary information carefully and state all your personal and delivery details accurately. It is your responsibility to have costs incurred when placing an order with us as this is through distance selling online, referring to internet access and telephone costs. The following steps state the ordering process of our products:

-You have the option to either create an account or proceed to checkout using the guest checkout method. The latter would still allow ARMAS to keep your submitted details into its database as it is mandated by the law.

-Creating an account is followed by verifying it through email. Keeping the password secured at all times is essential for your security. If there were to be any unauthorized access to your account, this should be informed to us. 

-You can add your preferred items to the shopping bag, which can be seen on the upright corner of the ARMAS webpage. By clicking on the shopping bag, you can see the selected items you wish to buy.

-You can easily remove an item from the shopping bag by clicking on the designated cross next to the description of the item. The placement of the item in the shopping bag does not confirm the order.

-You confirm the purchase by clicking on ‘Submit Order’ in the checkout. It is of importance that you review the filled in information of your order as you have the full responsibility. The information regarding the order will then be sent to ARMAS. The order cannot be changed nor cancelled unless we decide to not accept the order.


Placing the order means that you accept ARMAS’ policies and agree to that the company should be entitled to the entire payment amount of the order. You can view a summary of your purchase as you will receive an email with your order details, including billing and shipping. This is the start of the contract between ARMAS and you, and only relates to the product referred to in the order summary email. ARMAS only changes or stops delivering services for valid reasons. ARMAS has the right to turn down orders even after you have received the order summary in case of incomplete payment, or there are discrepancies which prevent the production of the concerned item or the possibility of fallacious activities.

In case of product discrepancies, you are entitled to receive the entire payment you have made for the item and this is confirmed by an email disclosing the return amount from ARMAS to you and the reason for cancellation of the order. ARMAS will refund the amount paid as quickly as possible and no longer than 30 days. Any issues that seem to occur at this stage should be immediately notified to the Consumer Service Department. However, you should bear in mind that there are multiple criteria for receiving a refund. More information can be found in Section: Refund.

The submission of the order implies that you agree to the policies of ARMAS and therefore this includes the allowance of the company to use your personal data of the order process to check for potential fraud. This implies that third party cooperation is allowed, those that are under control of ARMAS. More information regarding our Privacy Policy can be found: Link. ARMAS reserves the right to suspend performance until the payment has been received, there is sufficient assurance and/or the buyer shows solvency. The company also has the right to cancel a Buyer’s credit at any time. Identity validation as well as payment credentials may be checked in order to fully proceed with the order process. If those conditions or any other non-compliance to these terms were to not be met, ARMAS will have the right to suspend the order, which will be stated in writing. Additional verification measures can be put in place such as ARMAS asking for proof of credit credentials as well as any identification documents.

ARMAS only accepts orders made by those that have reached the age of maturity, eighteen years of age, and have legal capacity to enter contracts. All orders are confirmed by written acceptance by ARMAS. In case of disputes, the Order Summary and Confirmation Email are part of the evidence of the transaction between you and ARMAS.

The company ships the items only with express couriers and all products under transit are insured all the way to your final destination. Once the courier has delivered the package to you, all the responsibility is transferred to you. If there were to be any issues caused in the delivery process, you should contact both the carrier and ARMAS consumer service departments immediately. ARMAS will then try to prevent the errors made from the order process.

The ARMAS website can be set in three languages: English, Swedish and Arabic. If there are any further language uncertainties, you should contact the Consumer Service Department for clarification. We will try with our best efforts to minimize the language barrier.


Zone 1 – European Union/EEA

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, metropolitan France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway.

Zone 2 – GCC countries

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman

Zone 3 – Rest of the world

If you reside in a country belonging to Zone 2 and 3, you should contact our consumer service department for more information for obtaining these products to your country of residence.

In addition, certain areas such as pick-up points or any areas that are either severely protected or off-limits to regular citizens of the particular country, will not be shipped to. The shipping costs are automatically computed in the consumer’s final price. The company only ships using express courier and the package is insured all the way. It is the responsibility of the courier to deliver the item in perfect condition to the consumer in an appropriate time frame. The actual shipment of the item can take a maximum of 5 working days after the date of shipment confirmation. However, it should be noted that holidays can disrupt the timing of the to-be-delivered good as well as whether it is a specialized item order. Additional custom controls and address verification can also slow down the delivery process due to national legislation. If any of these issues were to occur, both the courier and ARMAS will contact you and try to minimize the effects of the delay.

The order summary email should have summarized both the billing and shipping information of the ordered item. Another email is sent out to confirm carrier’s acceptance of the item and state the estimated delivery date. If any discrepancies on the consumer side were to occur, this should be informed immediately to the courier’s Consumer Service Department. Any late submissions of consumer requests relating to shipment and order details will not be taken into account. Therefore, both ARMAS and the courier will not be responsible for these issues.

The label on the package of the to-be-delivered product should state your name or the assigned person’s name. The confirmation of the acceptance of the product is complete by requiring a signature by you or the assigned person at the delivery address which has been assigned by you to accept the delivery. Upon delivery, you as the buyer or the assignee person of the address has to present proof of national identification documents, passport or national ID card. Please note in case you appoint assignee person to accept the delivery, he/she will need to present a duly signed authorization from you allowing him/her to receive the package together with your identification document copy and his/her identification document. Once the package has been delivered and you or your assignee has accepted the package, all responsibility of the item has been transferred to you. This implies that the individual which has accepted the good has all responsibility.

You as the consumer have the right to argue against the state of the delivered item, under the condition of those adhering to certain criteria. If the item were to be damaged you should communicate to the courier and ARMAS consumer service department on the date of acceptance of the ordered item. We will be in close contact with you to discuss potential solutions. Within 6 months, you should provide evidence of the damage and ARMAS has the right to proof otherwise.

For returns, it should be noted that other than the product being damaged, the product should be in an unused condition and be kept the way it looked upon arrival to you with its original box and warranty paper. ARMAS tries to guarantee an appropriate delivery time, however that may not occur by force majeure issues. ARMAS will not be held liable for these factors and/or cancellation of the order due to valid reasons. For more information on outside disruptions, see section: Force Majeure. The following information displays the usual delivery time of our used courier:

Express Delivery: It takes in most cases 2 to 5 working days for the items to be delivered from the pick-up point to the final destination once the shipping confirmation email has been sent.

Product Pricing and Delivery Charges

The prices of the items listed on the ARMAS shopping website may change over time. Consumers that have before the price change ordered an item, will not be subject to the change. ARMAS carries the right to update prices and shipping costs at any point in time.

The computation of the price includes the following:

-Shipping Costs

-Custom Charges

-Value Added Tax

These depend on your delivery destination country which are automatically calculated from the moment you add an item to the shopping cart. The ARMAS platform detects the location of its users and this can be integrated into the price. Not all currencies can be selected. Based on the consumer’s region, the region will select the currency most appropriate but you can change the currency preference in the up- right corner of the website. It is advisable to check the selected currency before placing an order.

All the applicable shipping costs, taxes and duties are paid by the consumer. This also includes the cost of returning the item. In case of any serious mispricing that our site causes, you should not be subject to paying the mis specified price. ARMAS will send out an email to you with the option to proceed with the order of the changed price or allowing you to refute the order completely. The order will not be processed until you have communicated your preference to ARMAS. If communication between ARMAS and you is impossible, given your contact details, your order will be suspended by ARMAS and a confirmation email will be sent out to you.  


ARMAS cooperates with the XE Currency Platform for a direct conversion between currencies which aims to correctly price the items of ARMAS according to your preference of currency payment. The currencies that are offered are the following:


-Euro (EUR)

-US Dollars (USD)

-British Pound (GBP)

We only accept credit cards and wire transfers. ARMAS does not charge EU consumers an addition fee for using credit cards. However, fees may occur with American Express and corporate credit cards. Users that pay for a product in a different currency, which does not apply to their country of residence, might be charged a currency conversion fee by their card provider. The consumer agrees to pay the full price which is stated on the website in advance. In case of mis specified prices, ARMAS will inform the consumer through email and the consumer has the right to choose whether to proceed with the order or not.


The consumer should bear in mind that ARMAS may require additional information, such as the consumer’s identification and financial credentials. By placing an order, the consumer authorizes the right for ARMAS and their third parties to extract any viable information about the consumer relating to card details, identity verification and the overall payment transaction. It is also in the right of the consumer’s card provider for carrying out validation checks. If the card issuer refuses the payment made to ARMAS, the consumer has to contact their provider immediately. The full amount of the payment method will be withdrawn from the payment account once ARMAS has accepted the order, which is confirmed through a confirmation email.

ARMAS accepts orders paid by bank wire transfer. However, please keep in mind that you may be charged a fee by your bank. If we do not receive any payment within 7 days, the order will be cancelled.    

Specialized item orders have other conditions set in place. As these items are due to be delivered at a later date and that the overall production process may take longer to complete implies that you will be required to pay an advancement and returns will not be possible. The possibility of these pre-payments does not influence the rights of the consumer under these Terms of Sales. If ARMAS experiences any issues with delivering the specialized item order, then the order is cancelled, and the consumer gets a full refund of the pre-payment. In case ARMAS does not experience any difficulties on their side, the consumer cannot receive a refund of their pre-payment. ARMAS will only complete the sales invoice and ship the item once the full amount has been paid for, for specialized item orders.


Promotional offers

The availability and purchase of one of the promotional offers or otherwise means that the customer understands and accepts the terms of this offer, which are published by us on the website and any application from time to time. ARMAS reserves the right to amend these terms or withdraw their cancellation at any time.



You may cancel the order only with the written consent made by ARMAS. Cancellations should be done before the shipment has been sent. The cancellation itself is subject to cancellation charges, which ARMAS will inform you of through email.




It is ARMAS’ aim to fulfil your expectation of the item. However, our return policy is subject to certain criteria.

Consumers have 14 days to return a product without needing to provide a reason, unless it regards specialized order items. In all cases, the products have to be returned in the following way:

-It has to come with the original receipt.

-It should not be used.

-It should be kept in the state it got delivered in.

-It has to come with all product packaging, warranty cards and original documents.

A wish to return should be notified to the Consumer Service Department within a timeframe of 14 days, through email. If the quality of the returned item has been confirmed as adequate, ARMAS will issue a refund. The payment of the refund will be done through the same means of original payment that you have utilized when submitting the original order. This is expected to be done within 14 days after ARMAS has confirmed the acquirement of the returned product and with the condition that the product has been approved by the quality control checks.

ARMAS’ designated courier will pick up the parcel on the agreed date. It is of importance for you to keep the return documents as ARMAS will need additional verification of its returns.

Returns should be shipped from the country it was delivered to in the first place and to the office of ARMAS that it was delivered from. If in any case you would experience issues when returning an item, please contact the Consumer Service Department within the 14-day time frame. Our team will be ready to help you during the return process. The department will communicate all necessary details regarding the planning of the shipment.

The consumer has the right to exercise the return of the product. Likewise, ARMAS has the right to refuse the return if any of the aforementioned conditions are not being satisfied.

If you decide to return the item by other than ARMAS’ designated courier, then you will be obliged to insure the item for its value against loss, theft and possible damages to the item during transport. ARMAS will also not be liable for any delays that could occur due to customs declaration and/or other matters in case you decide to ship the parcel through other carrier than ARMAS’ designated carrier. ARMAS will not be held liable if anything relating to those reasons were to occur.

The VAT charges depend on the country where the item is being delivered to.

In case of returns, you as the consumer will have to pay for return fees, including the delivery charges, VAT and custom duties.

If ARMAS decides to reject the quality of the returned item, then the company will send the product back to the consumer, with the agreement that the consumer bears those shipping costs. We would like to remind you that specialized items orders cannot be returned.

Our dealerships fall under different Terms of Sales requirements. The consumer has the right to ask their preferred dealership for more information relating to those terms. ARMAS does not have the responsibility of communicating this type of information from external sales points, those being classified as external to the ARMAS website.


The warranty of the products manufactured by ARMAS shall comply with certain specifications. It sets the conditions for the insurance of the product, which is valid for a period of two years. However, this does not imply that a warranty substitutes an insurance. The buyer should also insure the product for increased security. ARMAS does not make other warranties relating to the product, and disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. ARMAS personnel are not authorized to change this disclaimer of warranty.

The request made by you to have ARMAS undergo an inspection service will only classify under a consumer service and this shall not act as a warranty or the approval of any installation, use, maintenance of the products. ARMAS will also not be liable for the failure to detect any issues with the product such as improper use, installation or maintenance of the concerned item. You have the right to a certain quality standard, and have the means necessary to fix any issues relating to the product under applicable law. These terms do not take away these rights.


The consumer must prove within the first 6 months after the delivery of the product that the item has a defect. In case of an actual manufacturing defect from ARMAS’ side, the company will provide all the necessary repairs that has to be executed, which is free of charge. Other issues such as normal wear, unusual damage, theft, loss, accidents will not act as a valid reason for ARMAS to repair the item and becomes an expense to the consumer.


Force Majeure


Any disruptions outside of ARMAS’ domain, these include delays in shipping or performance, and which cannot be foreseen by ARMAS, imply that ARMAS is not held accountable for these disruptions.

If a disruption takes place which affects us for fulfilling an obligation to you, we will contact you as soon as possible through email. ARMAS has the right to prolong its duties for the duration of the disruption. This implies that a new estimated delivery date will be assigned and you will be notified immediately. ARMAS is not responsible for any delays, failure, performance for the service/product offered under these terms if these causes arise from factors beyond ARMAS’ control. These reasons may be the following: Act of God, governmental acts, wars, natural disasters, pandemics, explosions, civil commotion, failure in information technological services or telecommunications, third party failure and industrial action. We would like to repeat that nothing in these terms affects the user’s statutory rights.

In all cases, you are obligated to pay all fees

Our Liability

These Terms of Sales do not eliminate the liability for ARMAS of which those that cannot be limited or excluded by the required law. The liability set forward by ARMAS for any purchases made by the consumers, in case of products containing discrepancies, the eventual damage owned by ARMAS will under no circumstance surpass the original price of the products. We would like to note that in some jurisdiction the consumer protection laws may not limit or exclude of warranties or liabilities. Therefore, some of these exclusions and limitations may not be valid. If by any means, some of these exclusions seem to be invalid, those conditions would no longer be in effect. However, the remainder of the terms of sales will not be affected, except if mandated by the rule of law.

These terms form the agreement between you and ARMAS. It replaces all the former terms of prior conditions, those referring to both oral or written, and supersedes any type of agreements made by all parties. You acknowledge that the Terms of Sales is a direct relationship between ARMAS, including authorized third parties by ARMAS, and you, and that no other party has the power to enforce their terms, excluding parties being of jurisdictive nature.

ARMAS does not hold responsibility for any issues beyond its control. These refer to outside disruptions. See section ‘Force Majeure’ for more information.

The terms of sales adhere to the applicable laws set by the country where the companies operating under ARMAS has registered itself with. In case of dispute relating to these Terms of Sales, referring to invalidity, trespassing or termination of these terms, shall be arbitrated with the Conditions of Sale. If the applicable laws differ compared to the laws of the user, ARMAS will give similar protection to the user.

The consumer may bring proceedings against ARMAS in the courts where the company is registered in or in the country where the user is domiciled. Likewise, this is also applicable for ARMAS. Before any actual court dispute, the consumer agrees to make reasonable efforts within a timeframe of 30 days to resolve the dispute with ARMAS directly, which relates to the service and/or product of ARMAS, as well as the general Terms of Sales or any breach thereof. ARMAS will contact the consumer with the email address that the consumer has registered itself with. If the company has been unable to contact the consumer, the claim/dispute will try to be resolved through binding arbitration or in small claims court.

Consumers that claim residency in the European Union have the right to submit a complaint to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity. The ADR Directive implements rules for out of court dispute resolution in the Member States. For more information regarding ADR entities, the user can refer to the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution guidelines: Agreement. All EU consumers have the right to fair treatment, access to accurate information and redress if something were to be wrong with the item.

The European Consumer Centre can help assist both the firm and consumers regarding smaller civil claims in the EU. These types of claims may concern matters such as missing payments and thus these centers may be able to resolve issues in a more cost-efficient way. However, in case if these centers are not seen to be beneficial to either party, then the Small Claims Procedure can be used. More information regarding the process can be found here:

Within the European Union, national procedures can be available, which mainly concern claims that exceed €5000 in value. In order to have a judgement enforced in another Member State, the procedure should follow the Brussels I Regulation. More information regarding the procedure can be found here:

Under arbitration, findings and conclusions made by the arbitrator will be issued and explained in a written statement. The judgement set by the arbitrator will be preceded in any court. ARMAS and the consumer agree that by entering these terms that each are waiving the right to a trial. These terms do not affect non-waivable statutory user rights.

The ARMAS website complies with EU law. If any displayed content or usage of this site is unfavorable to the laws of the place of residency, please do not use the website. It is your own responsibility for informing yourself on the applicable laws of your country and adhering to them.

Consumers based in countries that are members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), have different regulations in place for claims which follow The Lugano Convention and the enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters govern these. Countries such as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are parties that adhere to this convention. Similar provisions on jurisdiction apply to parties under this Convention.

If you are located in Zone 3, the United Nations Convention on Contract for the International Sale of Goods shall come into effect. The dispute will be submitted to and resolved by arbitration under Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which will be held in London, England.

In no event shall ARMAS be liable to the consumer or other third parties relating to any loss of use, revenue or profit or the reduction in value, or for any consequential, incidental, indirect, faultless, or compensatory damages whether these are due to the breach of contract, misconduct, negligence or otherwise. It is regardless of whether the abovenamed damages were to be expected and whether or not ARMAS has been advised for the occurrence of such damages, and nevertheless the failure of agreed or correction of its essential intention. In no event shall ARMAS’ liability relating to this contract, whether caused by or relating to breach of contract, misconduct, negligence, or otherwise, surpass the amounts paid to ARMAS for the concerned item or, if relating to the service, should not surpass the amount paid to ARMAS for the services performed.

The limitation of liability serves as material basis for both you and ARMAS, which reflects the allocation of risks between the parties. Without these conditions, ARMAS would not have agreed to provide any products nor services at the agreed upon contract price. These terms limit the responsibilities of ARMAS according to the appropriate law. These terms do not limit ARMAS’ liability in case of death, personal injury, fraud, deceitful deception, negligence or wrongful conduct. Other rights and responsibilities not mentioned in this section does not lead to ARMAS being responsible. However, only if those are caused by the breach of these terms.

ARMAS has the right to change the collections offered on its website from time to time without notifying its users. The company holds no liability if a certain product were to be out of stock or simply unavailable. In case you have ordered an item, and it turns out that the item is out of stock and/or will no longer be in production, ARMAS will refund all amounts to you according to the selected payment method.

ARMAS’ only commitments about its services offered are described in the Warranty section or provided under applicable laws. There are no other commitments about our services.

Changing Terms

We may update these terms over time. It is therefore important to refer to these terms before ordering an item in case of any uncertainties. ARMAS will not notify users on changes to these policies. It is therefore your own responsibility to check the website.

The latest version of these policies will be posted on the website. From the moment of publication, the policies will replace the older versions. The Terms at the date of the order confirmation are applied to that order. In the case of updated Terms, the older Terms apply to the order made before the change. The newer version of Terms will also not affect the relationship between you and ARMAS, with the exception of juristic matters.

If any of our terms were to be updated, this will not change the obligation of you nor that of ARMAS. However, ARMAS is able to transfer the data related to the order made by the consumer to another party, those having authorized access by ARMAS. These parties are listed in the Privacy Policy document: Link.

Personal Data Usage

The rights and obligations of the consumer may be given to another individual, only if it is confirmed by ARMAS in writing. This upkeeps our security policy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy which explains all the information relating to the collection of personal data of our consumers: Link.

Other Important Aspects

In case authorities disapprove some of the terms, those specified terms will not be in effect from then onwards. However, the rest of the terms will still remain applicable.

Law Compliance

ARMAS will take reasonable steps to assure that the products offered adhere to applicable laws and regulation. However, the buyer avows that the items may be used in various jurisdictions for diverse applications subject to different regulations and thus ARMAS cannot guarantee compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Any representation or warranty of the products bind to regional, national, or global laws, regulation, codes or standards, unless ARMAS has expressly set forth in writing.  The buyer has to comply with the applicable laws and regulation. ARMAS can end the contract if a governmental body enforces antidumping or countervailing responsibilities, or other penalties implemented onto the products. The products/services covered by an order may be subject to both EU and foreign export controls. ARMAS devotes to comply with all the relevant export laws.

You have no right to trans-ship, re-export, redirect the products other than in the ultimate country of destination declared by the buyer, stated in the Order Summary, Confirmation Email and on ARMAS’s invoice. You agree to compensate and not hold ARMAS responsible for any costs, liabilities, penalties, sanctions and/or fines relating to the non-adherence with applicable export regulation. You guarantee that you are not subject by any trade sanction, and that you comply with applicable laws and regulations referring to trade restriction and/or export controls with respect to the product sold. You will also provide evidence of compliance if we were to request.

You agree to comply with all applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, and have not granted, paid, promised, authorized giving money or anything of value to any governmental representative for purpose of influencing decision making of such representative. You are not associated to parties whereby the sale of goods is forbidden or restricted to.

ARMAS wants to ensure that all its website users respect the internet environment. You must follow the basic rules of conduct:

-You should comply with the applicable laws, such as sanctions, human trafficking laws and export control.

-Respect the rights of other users, such as privacy and intellectual property rights.

-No abuse or harm shall take place to others and themselves.

-You are forbidden to abuse, harm, disrupt, interfere with the provided services by ARMAS.

If it is believed that some users do not abide by these rules, please report the abuse to our Consumer Service Department.

These terms, including the Privacy Policy and additional agreements that involve both the buyer and ARMAS, constitute the entire agreement between the relevant parties concerning the service/product.

Prohibited uses of the site

- Everything that is prohibited by governments

- Use the website or application to transfer, distribute or store any material (using e-mail, download, publishing, or otherwise) that violates any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other property rights of any third party, unauthorized copying of materials Copyrighted material or any material deemed illegal in distribution countries (Zone 1 & 2 & 3)

- Unauthorized attempts by the user of the website or application to gain access to any account or computer source that does not belong to this user (for example, "hacking", "hacking")

- All illegal activities and technologies that allow bypassing the filtering mechanisms put in place by the site to prevent access to certain content on the site in accordance with applicable laws are prohibited, unless specifically authorized by ARMAS.

Obtaining or trying to obtain goods by any means or device with the intention of avoiding payment

- Use the ARMAS website to harm, harass, insult or intimidate an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, race, ethnicity, age, or disability.

- Use the ARMAS name or website to make fraudulent offers to sell or buy products, items, or services, or to pay for any financial fraud such as pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes and chain letters.

- Use ARMAS website to access or attempt to access other people's accounts, or to penetrate or attempt to penetrate the site's security measures with any programs, computers, electronic communication systems or communication systems, whether or not it results from damage or loss of data

- Use the ARMAS website to collect or attempt to collect personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent

- Use the ARMAS website to harm minors in any way

- Use ARMAS to post comments containing explicit or graphic descriptions or accounts of sexual acts (including but not limited to sexual language of a violent or threatening nature directed at another individual or group of individuals)

Use the ARMAS name to send any unsolicited commercial or bulk email. Activities that have the effect of facilitating unsolicited commercial e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail, whether or not such e-mail is commercial in nature

Run unconfirmed mailing lists. Subscribing to email addresses in any mailing list without the express and verifiable permission of ARMAS is prohibited.

All services and technologies that allow sending, receiving, delivering and routing messages in the name of ARMAS over the Internet protocol, unless specifically authorized by ARMAS


A waiver implemented by ARMAS shall be effective if it is set forth in writing and signed by ARMAS. No failure to exercise, or delay in exercising, any right, remedy, power or privilege arising from this Contract operates, or may be construed, as a waiver thereof. No single or partial exercise of any right, remedy, power or privilege hereunder precludes any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, remedy, power or privilege.

If we do not insist immediately that you do anything you are required to do under these terms, or if we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breaking this contract, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date. No waiver of any term of these Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and ARMAS’ failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

Confidential Information

All private, confidential or patented information by ARMAS in connection to this contract, including but not limited to samples, patterns, specifications, designs, plans, drawings, documents, data, consumer information, operations, pricing, released by ARMAS to the buyer, in any manner such as orally, written, electronically or other form of media, is solely for the use of performing this contract and may not be used for disclosure or copied. In case of ARMAS request, you will have to return all documents and materials received from ARMAS.


You do not have the right to assign the rights or designate any obligations under this contract. Any claimed assignment or authorization in the violation of this section is invalid. No delegation relieves the buyer of any of its obligation set forth by this contract.

These terms and other rights/licenses granted under this contract, may not be transferred or appointed by you. Any attempted transfer or appointment in violation is invalid. This assignment made by ARMAS will terminate the agreement with the consequence of the deactivation of your ARMAS account. ARMAS will provide in advance a notice in case of such an assignment.

Special Terms Per Region – Switzerland, Norway

Residents based in Switzerland and Norway have the terms between ARMAS and themselves mandated through the laws of the country of residency. This implies that these users can file legal disputes in their own country’s courts. EEA residents can also file disputes using the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform. Those located from these countries do not have the right to return these products. Please contact our Consumer Service Department for potential solutions. In case there were to be terms that are not seemed to have any validity or enforceability in either countries, this will not affect the remaining terms.


The consumer can contact ARMAS either through the ARMAS Contact Sheet or the Consumer Service Department: [email protected]. All communication is dealt through email. In case of special orders, phone communication may be a possibility. ARMAS tries to respond to requests as soon as possible, but due to the huge number of incoming requests this may take beyond 5 working days.

Working Times:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm, Central European Time