Privacy Policy


ARMAS of Sweden respects the confidentiality of all data that individuals exert when using website. The aim of this Privacy Policy is to increase our transparency with our users. The term ‘personal data’ relates to the information which is presented to an identifiable living individual. This refers to both direct and indirect referral. Separate pieces of information that can lead to the recognition of an individual can also fall under the definition of personal data. Once the data becomes seen as anonymous, it would not be classified as personal data anymore. This is confirmed when encryption has taken place, and this makes it only possible for authorized access to be able to work with the data.

ARMAS' gives a clear explanation in terms of what type of personal data it would want to process of the user, why it chooses to do so, who collects the data and how it does so. A user has the power to access the data, is able to make alterations to incorrect information and if the user disagrees with the firm’s operations of their data then the user has the right to remove their personal data that is held under the firm’s control.

The user consents to agree to ARMAS' rules regarding privacy policy from the moment the user uses any of the ARMAS platforms. This implies the user allows the ARMAS platform to identify itself in terms of location, and by creating an account it gives consent to ARMAS which can facilitate the shopping experience. By using our services, the user authorizes the company to transfer and store information outside the user’s home country for the purposes described in this policy.

The website, app and / or services are suspended or severed by ARMAS.

ARMAS omay suspend or disconnect the website, app and / or services at any time if emergency maintenance or an emergency update is required.

Privacy policy

ARMAS will maintain the confidentiality of the customer's personal information and will disclose it only according to the laws in force in Zones 1 & 2 & 3 related to privacy rights or if this is necessary to comply with the requirements of the relevant legal authorities, and ARMAS will not collect the personal information of the client Unless the customer has registered his data on the website and / or application, ARMAS will use the customer's personal information only in the event that the customer registers his data on the website and / or application.

Type of Data We Collect

When you give us personal information via the internet that we may need to correspond with you or provide you with requested information, we will hold such information strictly confidential and we will use it solely for the purpose of improving our service to you.

Account Creation: The data that is collected relates to the user’s contact information such as full name, birthday, location and gender. The importance of obtaining this information can ensure the user for an elevated online experience while shopping on our site and also to allow the potential direct interaction between the firm and user in terms of general administration. The enabled features relate to the possibility of saving the transactions of the user, as well as the preferences for future buying references. The user chooses to voluntarily disclose information when registering.

Cookies: ARMAS makes use of indirect data collection as well. It uses cookies to identify the user for using a computer network. This implies that it has the ability to recognize a user based on the login information and its preferences. Cookies are therefore those that contain that piece of information once a user has entered the website but also the browsing history of the user when going off-site. It therefore makes use of both session and persistent cookies. The tracking of preferences allows cookies to view the popularity of certain items based on the user’s activity on the website. ARMAS therefore engages in third party tracking with the aim being to improve the advertising experience for the user based on their preferences, browsing, shopping behavior, language preference and location. The advertising only comes in the form of ‘a suggestion window’ below the item that the user is currently viewing and there is the ability for receiving promotional emails regarding the company’s products. No other form of advertisement will take place.

Third party tracking also involves in, for instance, identifying the frequency of website visits, as well as the proportion of unique to regular visitors, demographic information and etc. We also use other analytical tools such as Google Analytics, which also employs cookies for tracing the necessary information of user activity on our platforms. These are all key metric for ARMAS to ensure the improvement of our services.

We may expand the use of cookies over time if additional user data needs to be saved for future features. The user always has the options de-implement cookie tracking if they choose to. This can be done by changing their browsing settings which they can access through their browser provider’s help screen. We also use cookies with other components such as beacons and single-pixel gifs to be able to record the log data. These files carry information regarding the IP address of users, the browser type, internet service provider (ISP), the referring and exit pages, the pages viewed on our site, the operating system, the date and time stamps of their activity, clickstream data and crash reports. Users can find out more information through our Consumer Service and/or Privacy Department regarding these matters, as well as what patterns are being tracked and how the tracking info is used specifically.

Location Tracing: The usage of the ARMAS platform allows the website to trace the user’s current location with the help of GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth-enabled services or possible cellular activity that is entrenched in the user’s current device. This information can give an advantage in terms of optimal currency computation as well as the correct details of the taxes and duties. By enabling cookies, ARMAS is able to use user’s browsing history in order to create a more personal experience when shopping on the ARMAS website. This is done with the help of log files in order to save the data. However, once the user has disabled any form of location tracing on their device, this has the consequence of ARMAS not being able to fulfil any of the abovementioned activities.

Email Engagement: Incoming and outgoing mail between the user and ARMAS exerts additional information to ARMAS relating to the tracing of link clicks as well as how the user interacts with the email. In addition, any supplementary subscription in which a user participates in allows the ARMAS platform to collect some of their personal information such as name, email address and location. ARMAS in return provides information regarding potential products of interest in which the user is able to have an online interaction with. We keep a record of the user’s requests in order to help solve future potential issues.

Contact Form: The contact form also requires the name of the user as well as their email address. This would be needed for ARMAS to provide optimal customer care service in case the user has any questions or comments. The user benefits as details from the contact form can be used to enhance the general user experience in the future.

Shipping Related: Once the user has placed an order, it consents to giving its name, location, email address, phone number, billing address, shipping address and credit card details. This is a necessity for allowing ARMAS to sell their items in a sustainable manner.

Additional Website Insights:  The way in which the user interacts with the site will be taken into account. The insights which are related would be for instance website frequency, link clicks, device usage, browser type, Internet Protocol address and etc. This is to see whether the maintenance of the website is of a sufficient degree and to be able to provide services of greater quality for later usage.

Who Collects Personal Data

ARMAS website service provider is responsible for controlling the personal data. Their task is to ensure sufficient email delivery, IT support, website hosting, marketing and analytical activities. It is the responsibility of both companies to ensure consumer safety and provide the best online experience simultaneously. Other form of third-party domains includes the following: Payment service providers, delivery providers, law related authorities such as fraud prevention facilities, governmental bodies, legal facilities, usage of analytical programs and etc. All of these parties are located in the European Union and therefore follow the EU guidelines of privacy policy.

However, ARMAS makes use of other third parties that are located outside of the European Union. These would be organisations that are involved in suppliers/delivery services and compliance with legal duty with regards to tax declaration. We use service providers to help us with our consumer support aspect. ARMAS only transfers personal data with the consent of the user. The company makes sure that the same strength of security applies to the data being transferred outside of the EU as it is for users located in the EU. We would like to share that ARMAS utilizes to its fullest capabilities in protecting its users, the public and itself, against harm to the rights of those concerned, property and/or safety.

We may share non-identifiable data with our third parties in order to show patterns of our platform usage. Our third parties only share personal data if it is considered a necessity to fulfill the consumer contract or deliver services. All our employees follow strict contractual policy measures that govern the treatment of user’s data. We carry out audit cycles which addresses and documents any changes to existing info. This makes sure that ARMAS is up to date with all necessary policy requirements. ARMAS complies with the data minimization article set forward by the GDPR. This implies that ARMAS will not obtain more than the necessary amount of information about its users.

In the event of potential mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization, or any transaction similar to those, may lead to personal data being transferred. This is to prevent disruptions in the buying process. Acquirers have to strictly follow the target company’s privacy policy as outlined here. In case of any major changes to our policy, we will notify all of our users through email. None of the information will be transferred to other parties unless ARMAS gets the approval of user consent to the newly updated Privacy Policy. We always inform the date when last changes to the policy were made and the user always has access to any of our former policies.

Furthermore, ARMAS’ products are not targeted at individuals below the age of 18 and thus they will not be acknowledged in our database when officially knowing their age. It is also not in the right for the company to sell any personal information to other parties, those not being mentioned here. Please direct to our Terms of Sales for more details.

How We Collect Personal Data

There are certain ways in which ARMAS collects the user’s personal data. Whenever a user enters the ARMAS home page, it immediately sends out information to our parties. Furthermore, the purchases that the user makes as well as solely viewing the product already transmits the user’s preferences to our database. The additional creation of an account optimizes the user’s experience for further reference and acts as an additional safety blanket to their purchases. ARMAS’ main goal is to satisfy the online experience for users with a sophisticated personal touch as well as trying to improve our site. The experience should be efficient as well as provide maximum security.

Moreover, general requests about the company and/or items through the ARMAS Contact Sheet also sends out personal information to the company. The third-party tracking devices, such as cookies, are also in place once a user accepts these cookies on the ARMAS main home page so that the tracing of their location and the user’s preferences can be maintained. We trace users through IP address, information about their device, the browser type, referral information and etc.

How We Use Your Personal Data

A feature that has become available is that the user can be notified with new products and events, which can either be enabled or disabled when the user creates an account. Therefore, the user has all freedom to either accept or refute the idea to receiving updates. Enabling the feature allows ARMAS to get to know its potential users in order to recommend the users with more tailored products in which they might have an interest in. This type of communication is solely done through email. This information is viable for ARMAS’ third party domains to view additional social media metrics of its focus groups. The consumer service department of the company is able to manage the data better together with the incoming requests to understand any potential disturbances. They therefore have the tool to communicate their answers in a more meaningful way. ARMAS has the responsibility to prevent fraud and identity theft to its fullest capabilities. These are backed up with the compliance of the general rule of law, industry standards and the company’s own policies. Our main aims for collecting personal data is the following: It is necessary for us to be able to identify users, processing their transactions, make recommendations, and respond to their requests. The legal bases for the processing of data is to be able to perform the contract between the user and ARMAS, and to adhere to our legitimate interests, as long as fundamental rights and freedoms are not infringed, which would mainly refer to administration purposes. Other features, such as enabling the email subscription feature, has the legal basis of consent.

The legal bases for EEA users depend on the services the users utilizes and how they utilize them. This is for the company to provide the user its services, provide consumer support and personalize features in a secure manner. We collect information if it satisfies our legitimate interests, which could be for Research and Development, marketing and promotional purposes, to promote the legal rights and interests of ARMAS. We also collect data in order to comply with a legal obligation.

Security of Personal Data

The company’s security amenities act accordingly to the law for the detection and prevention of any potential fraud, misuse of data, general security risks and technical issues to our users, the public and the company itself. Our facilities only use personal data for the objectives mentioned above. We analyze our user’s behavior to detect potential misuse of our platforms such as spam, illegal content and viruses. The detection is done through the means of computer algorithms, which allows the tracing of patterns in the data. Any other type of usage would simply not occur. ARMAS is required to process the billing and shipping information of individuals as these form part of the legal obligations which relate to tax provisions and other relevant rules to the transaction.

The security tools that the company offers provide the protection to its maximum capabilities against any potential harm to our users. However, it should be noted that not all harm can be prevented, this would include cases such as systematic cyber-attacks, accidental loss, unlawful processing, destruction and damage. Therefore, the user should take precaution when shopping online in general and thus any transmission is at their own risk.

The personal data of a user that has been inactive with our site for longer periods of time and which there is no longer use for will either be automatically destroyed or depersonalized so that the user’s privacy and security can be kept. ARMAS will only keep personal information for as long as it is reasonably required to do so, and in case the company needs to follow applicable Data Protection Legislation. The general data retention period of IP addresses in server logs is 9 months. Cookie information will be removed after 18 months. Payment information will have a longer retention period due to accounting and tax purposes. We justify these periods as there may be potential malicious and/or accidental requests for data erasure. ARMAS also makes use of an encrypted back up storage, which allows the data to be kept for another 6 months, in order to prevent this unjust online behavior. Longer retention periods may be expected by legal or regulatory requirements, as well as the detection and prevention of data abuse.

Any personal data transfer between ARMAS and third-party domains will be done with a sufficient level of protection towards personal data, complying to all of the general corporate laws in which the company adheres to. All of the processing of personal data is done with the mentioned objectives in relation to technical, organizational, security and marketing aspects of the company.

The company follows all the required industry’s standards on the management of security relating to securing, encrypting and maintaining the completeness of the data. This is accompanied with annual audits by a third-party qualified security assessor to make sure that the company has appropriate safeguards in place to protect information. ARMAS is certified by operating on a PCI DSS Level 1 complaint service provider, which is considered being the highest form of security protection.

The tracing of nearby stores in which ARMAS has a dealership agreement with, cooperates with the Google Maps feature so that the user’s location can be mapped out and this optimizes the most suitable location for the user in order to purchase a certain type of item. The data is also processed by potential other third-party companies in which Google works with. More information regarding Google’s Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy can be found on their webpages.

At all times, the personal data of users will not be shared with third parties if it were not related to the objectives recently mentioned. However, in case of legal disputes and if enforced by general regulation, authorities or those that fulfil a legal obligation to ARMAS, would have the duty to have a claim in the information in order to be able to defend the organization in terms of its rights and assets. It is the right of ARMAS to be able to be in contact with legal authorities in case of the occurrence of illegal acts by certain individuals or companies. There is also the right for data to be shared for investigational purposes as well if the company believes that disclosure is reasonably necessary in terms of protecting the safety, rights, or public property, any user, or ARMAS.

Personal Data Consent

Consent given to personal data is important for the company to be able to recognize and fulfil its obligations as a company. It is also necessary for an individual’s understanding and in terms of sustaining their control over how their data is being handled and processed. The requests and registration of users makes it more possible for the company to reach out to its users in an efficient manner. The aim is for both parties to have full satisfaction and control of its operations. Therefore, refuting the consent of certain personal information extraction distorts the company for handling its tasks. It would then not be able to reach out to the user. However, data distribution for marketing purposes is optional and the user will always have the freedom to opt out from these sorts of activities. These marketing purposes refer to the option of email subscription by ARMAS by simply unsubscribing or sending an email to our Consumer Service Department. However, the user will receive an email on important matters such as suspension, or in case of the occurrence of data breaches and etc. As it has already been mentioned, minors, whom that the company knows are below the age of 18, will not have their personal information shared by the company and its third parties.

Force Majeure

We are not responsible for any delay, omission, or appropriation of information in the website and / or application and / or the performance of the website, the delivery, the integrity of the information, or the receipt and delivery of the information if it results from an event outside of our reasonable control, including To include but not limited to natural disasters, civil disobedience, war, accidents, pestilence, destiny, or delay, failure or default of our suppliers, towards the user of any kind (“Force Majeure Event”).

In any event, you are responsible for maintaining the information under this policy during a force majeure event. We will do what we can to minimize the impact of the Force Majeure event if possible.

Intellectual property

Copyright, trademarks, database and other intellectual property rights protect the content of this website and / or application and you acknowledge that the materials and content provided as part of the website and / or application remain with us or our licensors.

You can retrieve and display the content of the website and / or application on a computer screen, mobile phone, or any other electronic device, or store this content in electronic form on disk (but not any server or other storage device connected to a network) or print one copy of this content for personal, non-commercial use, as long as you keep all copyright and proprietary notices intact. You may not reproduce, modify, copy, distribute or use any of the materials or content on the website and / or app for commercial purposes.

Consumer Right

The consumer always has the right to be able to access its personal information it has given us. ARMAS expects consumers to modify their information in case of inaccuracies or incompleteness. The user is able to rectify any information by going to their personal accounts on the ARMAS website. If it is not possible to change a certain type of information, the user should contact the Consumer Service Department. Please make sure that as much detail is given in the email as to what data it concerns of and your relationship to the company which can make the process more efficient.

The user can request for the company to delete their information or object any processing by also contacting the same department when there are no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing. They also have the option to ask ARMAS to restrict processing their data and to object, including profiling if it is on relevant grounds. This should mainly be done due to the inaccuracy of the data; the data subject objects to unlawful processing and the preference lies with stopping the processing of data rather than fully erasing it. However, in some cases the information cannot be removed due to possible jurisdiction and/or financial record-keeping. This mainly refers to cases in which there is a law enforcement request that asks ARMAS to preserve certain data. ARMAS will not choose to comply with erasure when the processing involves as a right to the freedom of expression and information, and when it includes reasons of public interests.

The user also has the right to deactivate and delete their accounts. Some data may need to be stored for a limited period of time as a backup or which is required by law. Furthermore, there is also the right of data portability. This allows the user to copy, transfer, or move their personal data to a different company, under certain circumstances. It only applies to if the processing of data is based on consent or a contract, and it is done with automated means. It should be noted that multiple copies are subject to an administration fee. The user can also opt out to receiving promotional emails. They can always unsubscribe from any of these newsletters at their own will. There will be no negative repercussions to withdrawing consent.

Furthermore, the user can utilize the right to avoid automated decision-making. This includes, for instance, data profiling. However, there are exceptions to this right. One of them is that ARMAS will not accept this right under the circumstance that the automated decision-making is necessary to enter into or complete a contract between ARMAS and the user. It also cannot be accepted if the control has authorization from any Member State or the general European Union, with the complementary safeguards put into place for protecting the subject’s interests and freedom. Moreover, it is not tolerated on grounds if the user has given explicit consent to the profiling or decision-making.

The consumer also has the right to know what type of data ARMAS exchanges with their third-party affiliates and to which third parties, but also can ask for how they cope with personal data and why they share it. These fall under the right to be informed. Any request regarding these affairs of the user will be handled within 30 days.

Removing the general consent of the user leads to ARMAS not being able to carry out certain services. It is according to the law that the user should be able to prove its identity. With requests, the company is obliged to ask for the name and relevant dates of the user’s purchase. Moreover, ARMAS may ask the user for a declaration of their identity.

If the user thinks that the company has not fully complied with data protection laws, the consumer has the right to file in a complaint to the European Commission Privacy Department or with the user’s local supervisory authority, if the concerned user is located outside of the European Union. We regularly review this Privacy Policy in order to make sure that we comply with data processing according to applicable regulation.

ARMAS works with appropriate legal authorities, even on a local level, to resolve any issues that may occur in the process of transferring user data if ARMAS were to be incapable in resolving issues directly with the concerned user.

Customer responsibilities

The customer should protect himself and others by following these safe practices:

Account information should not be disclosed.

The username and password should not be left within the reach of others.

In the event that the customer feels that his account has been disclosed, the customer must change the username and password.

The user name and password should not be saved, as the customer must re-enter the data every time he wishes to log in

The customer is responsible for protecting his equipment, as anti-virus software and personal firewall are not imposed, but the customer is advised to use these programs.


All notices regarding the website, application and / or services must be in writing and may be sent via email to an email address notifying you. We'll assume you receive the email at the time of sending. You can send email notices below, and we may transfer this agreement to anyone at any time without your consent, and we may sub-contract any of our obligations under this policy.

Contact Information

If you have any doubts regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us through either our privacy email address, [email protected], or our Consumer Service Department, [email protected], or through phone which we have listed the phone number below. We try with our maximum efforts to be as fast as possible for handling your requests.

Working Times:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm, Central European Time

Effective Date: 03/03/2021

Last Updated: 03/03/2021